For Supervisors: Conduct vs Performance Web Tool


The US Fish and Wildlife Service created an online decision tree and toolkit to help you understand conduct and performance issues and how to make determinations.

What You Will Find

The toolkit is good for walking you through a conduct or performance issue (and deciding if there is in fact an issue) on a case by case basis. It is not a shortcut for working with your HR team, however it is a great first step.

The tool is also great for learning and refreshing your knowledge.

Learning Support for Supervisors

  • Training Requirements for Supervisors
  • Learning Support For Supervisors
    • How to Managing People (in progress)
    • How to Managing the Work Environment (in progress)
    • How to Managing Resources- Physical, Financial, & System/Process (in progress)
  • Additional Resources For Supervisors from OPM Framework for Supervision Development (in progress)

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