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Operations and Maintenance: FMSS Desk Reference

This Facility Student manual cover page for the FMSS Desk Reference.Management Software System (FMSS) desk reference is designed for quick access to the step-by-step processes for creating and using records in the FMSS. The FMSS has standardized practices to support a national database. This is to ensure consistency of reporting and usage servicewide. To gain an understanding of the NPS business practices, refer to the Operations and Maintenance: Facility Management Software System student manual.

To request or manage access to the FMSS or any of its sister applications, access User Management from the FMP Portal page. Help documents are available on this site for requesting access and managing your account.

What You’ll Find

Within the desk reference, you will find detailed information on the following modules:

  • Assets
  • Planning
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM)
  • Resources
  • Work Orders
  • Queries and Reports

You will also find step by step instructions to guide you through the Facility Management Software System (FMSS). This desk reference is a supplemental reference tool for FMSS training.

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