Finding a Detail Opportunity

Find a Detail Opportunity

Details are temporary, 60-120 day assignments to different jobs. They can be within your job series, or other job series. Keep an eye out for positions that are listed as “Temporary Promotions.” These types of details are an opportunity to work at a higher grade than your current position.

Detail Tips

  • Keep your resume updated. You have to compete for details, and the hiring official will ask for your resume. This doesn’t have to be the full 15 page USAJob Resume. In fact, most hiring officials won’t appreciate having to sift through all of that information. Customize your resume to include information that is the most relevant to the detail position.
  • Check the detail listings often. New opportunities appear almost weekly.
  • Have a conversation with your supervisor about what time of year would be a good time for your operation to have you leave for a detail. Include this information on your Individual Development Plan (IDP). As your supervisor will need to approve your detail, having a conversation before the detail of your dreams is posted increases the likelihood that your supervisor will approve.
  • Be proactive. If there is a park that you really want to work for or position that you really want to do, reach out and see if there are detail opportunities. Why wait until the detail of your dreams is posted on InsideNPS?

All internal positions and details are advertised on InsideNPS.

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