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Interested in Welding?

Welding school might be for you! Welding school offers the opportunity to further your career and perfect new skills, and a good one is much easier to find than you think.

Finding the Right School

A welding school locator is the easiest way to find a welding school that works for you. The American Welding Society has a great one that offers multiple ways to find your perfect match. You have three options:

  1. Interactive Map: This option is best if you are looking to get away, since it’s the easiest option to explore different states and countries. All you have to do is click one and the AWS will show you all of your options!
  2. Traditional Search: This option is best if you have something specific in mind. You can look up schools by entering a name, city, state, or country. Just type in anything and you are on your way.
  3. Find Nearest: Probably the best option if you are looking to stay close to home but don’t know where to start. Just enter your city or zip code along with how close you would like to stay. The AWS will generate a list for you, in order of how close everything is.

These three options all end the same, with a generated list of schools that might work for you. You can explore different school links with names, addresses and contact information so you can successfully take the first steps toward enrollment.

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