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The Federal Executive Institute (FEI) helps senior government leaders improve the performance of their organizations. FEI offers values-based leadership development opportunities through an inter-agency residential learning experience which emphasizes personal growth as well as professional growth. Programs are designed specifically for public sector senior management.

FEI uses the U.S. Constitution as the principal guide in helping you to understand the diverse goals of the government and the citizens you serve, fostering executives who excel in a 21st-century world while remaining connected to the Constitutional principles forged in the 18th century.

The themes of FEI’s Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) program reflect and enhance the Constitutional underpinning of Federal Government work and the common culture of senior Federal executives. At FEI, you will build your skills in personal leadership and gain insights into organizational theory, the policy framework in which Government leadership occurs, and the broad global trends and events that shape government agendas.

What you’ll learn

The FEI programs help Senior Executive Service and GS-15 executives learn to:

  • Better serve the people of the United States in accordance with the Constitution.
  • Build networks with other senior executives across the government.
  • Gain insights that will improve leadership performance.
  • Establish a leadership legacy that supports the organization’s mission for years to come.

Additional Information

The National Park Service calls for program participants nominations through Regional Employee Development Officers yearly. Final selections are made by NPS senior leaders for program participation.

The Leadership Development Group usually offers some scholarships and associated travel for each annual cycle, beginning in September of each year. For more information, please contact the FEI Program Coordinator, leadership_development_group@nps.gov

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