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Initial certification training must meet all Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) Standards.  See each certification program’s basic requirements for FAC-C; FAC-COR; or FAC-PPM.  Initial training alone does not confer Federal Acquisition Certification as all initial (FAC) certification requires the applicant to apply through FAITAS.

Maintenance training is used to support the technical competencies and to apply for certification renewal before the certification holder’s maintenance due date.  Maintenance training is to have a meaningful connection to the certification/contracting part of the certification holder’s job.  The maintenance due date is every two year anniversary from issue date of the certification to be renewed.  Maintenance training alone does not confer certification renewal as the FAC certification holder must apply for renewal.

Some Training Not Acceptable for certification maintenance is shown below, but is not all inclusive.  Applicant should check with the region/center certification coordinator prior to committing to training:

FBMS training; Supervisory or Employee training; NPS Operational Leadership; FISSA, Records Management, FPDS, and other Awareness training; Financial Assistance or ATR (unless otherwise allowed); Stress Management;  and other training that does not have direct connection to the certification/contracting part of the  job.

Additional Info

Government Sources:

DAU – Defense Acquisition University – DAU provides a full range of basic, intermediate, and advanced certification training, assignment-specific training, applied research, and continuous learning.

DAU Interactive Catalog (iCatalog) – Defense Acquisition University provides information regarding regular training courses, continuous learning courses and other development guides and requirements.

DAU – ACC – Acquisition Community ConnectionAcquisition Knowledge Management System

DOI University – Find current news, registration, training schedules and other important training information.

FAI TrainingDirect link to downloadable version of all course offerings and descriptions – The Federal Acquisition Institute provides resources to acquisition professionals at every stage of their career. Through online training, classroom training, and partnerships with accredited institutions, acquisition professionals are able to obtain the skills necessary to further their professional career.

CPARS.gov/ and OSHA.gov and other federal government training sources are also available.

Commercial Sources:

http://icatalog.dau.mil/appg.aspx – See Commercial Vendor List  and the DAU Partnership Colleges where some courses are DAU Certified for acquisition workforce.

See the FAI list of training providers on the FAI Training links for each certification type as the providers approved for initial certification training sometimes provide acceptable maintenance training.

Contact the Help Desk at the websites for the Government Training or Commercial Provider for registration and Course information.  No training provider can represent their training as FAI/DAU Initial Certification approved unless it is; and certification maintenance just needs to meaningful for acquisition/certification purposes.

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