Facilitated Dialogue Example–Climate Change Protest Art in Paris

Example of a Facilitated Dialogue Program Model

This dialogue model was developed by the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience as a part of their Front Page Dialogue series. The dialogue invites participants to view artwork generated for and installed during the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris as a shared experience from which to begin their conversations. Included in this model are images of the art and commentary drawn from various sources. This example is shared by the Sites of Conscience with the expectation that interpreters and educators will use and adapt it for their own sites and dialogue objectives.

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  2. Useful resource when needing brainstorming assistance with creating and organizing an arc of dialogue. I appreciated the variety of questions that were shared for each phase of the arc.

    For interpretation training purposes, replicating something like this for a example program with multiple questions along the arc of dialogue could be really useful. How does the dialogue change as the questions that are asked are changed?


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