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Updated Facility Manager Leaders Program

What is FMLP?

The Facility Manager Leaders Program (FMLP) is for up and coming Facility Managers and promotes responsible stewardship and protection of the assets of the National Park Service (NPS). This award winning curriculum is designed to develop and strengthen the knowledge and competencies of selected NPS employees through a year-long education and training program. It proactively builds capabilities in asset management, operations and maintenance, project management, resource stewardship, business management, and supervision and leadership.

This is a competency-based training opportunity. FMLP is not an intake program. Candidates selected for the program are enrolled in an intensive year-long program involving 20-28 weeks of study, classes, and activities.

The application period for the Facility Manager Leaders Program is generally open between October and December each year. Selected applicants are enrolled in a series of classes found in DOI Talent. Additional course work in and out of the facility management discipline is required.

For more information or a quick overview, view the FMLP Brochure where you can find:

  • What FMLP promotes
  • Where the FMLP has been
  • An overview of the Return on Investment
  • And much more

Course of Study Overview

Principles of Asset Management

  • Provides students with the foundation needed for successful progression through the FMLP.
  • Introduces students to the six main facility management competencies:
    1. Asset Management
    2. Operations and Maintenance
    3. Project Management
    4. Resource Stewardship
    5. Business Management
    6. Supervision and Leadership
  • Introduces students to key concepts such as:
    • Total Cost of Facility Ownership
    • Lifecycle Based Asset Management

Distribute Learning Session #1 (DLS1)

  • Made up of seven main elements:
    1. Required e-courses
    2. Three required independent study projects
    3. At least one development activity
    4. Recommended e-courses
    5. Webinars and discussion boards
    6. Attend a specified resource protection class
    7. A mentor directed field experience at the mentor’s work location
  • Designed to provide certain foundation elements to prepare students for Advanced Facility Management Practices:
    • Develop a working understanding of leadership principles and philosophies that apply to the facility management
    • Develop a working understanding of Annual Work
    • Demonstrate an understanding of e-course content that applies to asset management
    • Demonstrate learning strategies and techniques for developmental activities
    • Conduct additional learning events as necessary either through suggested e-courses or additional classroom sessions

Advance Facility Management Practices (AFMP)

  • Theory is integrated with practical applications; designed as a simulation of a national park unit’s operations through the introduction of a fictitious park with a significant asset portfolio and varied divisional activities.
  • The purpose is to ensure that FMLP students experience simulated facility management operations related to:
    • Park strategic plans, missions, and goals
    • The development of a maintenance annual work plan
  • Students will demonstrate how mandates, regulations, and policies guide the functions of facility management in a park.
  • Correlation and benefits of industry standard practices are demonstrated.

Distributed Learning Session #2 (DLS2)

  • A collection of web-based courses and other activities
  • Provides students with an opportunity to:
    • Apply concepts of project management
    • Analyze operations and maintenance issues
    • Develop a Park Asset Management Plan
    • Develop a portfolio for the Capstone course

Capstone Study in NPS Facility Management

  • A culminating course in which students:
    • Present their best work from the FMLP
    • Learn about legislative realities of asset management
    • Meet with NPS chiefs and federal policymakers

Additional FMLP Resources

Application Information

Interested in applying for the year long program? Go to the Application Process for Students.

Interested in being a mentor? Go to Application Process for Mentors in the Knowledge Park.

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