Facility Management Software System Curriculum

FMSS Curriculum

The Facility Management Software System (FMSS) curriculum is divided into three levels of delivery: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The student’s level of expertise will determine which course they will partake.

In addition to the three levels, we offer FMSS training in “modules,” which allows for training to be taken by topic. The course materials are listed below for each level. Resources, such as Powerpoint presentations, student manuals, and desk references are available; see the links below.


What You’ll Find in the FMSS Basic Modules

  1. Introduction to Enterprise Asset Management
  2. Terminology and Acronyms
  3. Tenets of Asset Management
  4. The Hierarchy of a Park
  5. Location Record
  6. Asset Record
  7. Welcome to the Maximo Software
  8. Welcome to the Work Order
  9. County Fair
  10. Financial and Business Management System
  11. Life Cycle of a Work Order
  12. Let’s do a Few Simple Work Orders
  13. Finding Work Orders
  14. Scheduling Work Orders
  15. Safety Issues in Work Orders
  16. Getting Credit for Work Accomplished
  17. Finishing the Work Order
  18. Evaluating Data
  19. Where to Go for Help

In addition to the Basic curriculum, you can access FMSS Basic Micro-Learnings for each module. Micro-Learnings are an excellent way to learn content in quick and focused segments. These are not meant to replace training but are available for reference and refreshers, as needed.

What You’ll Find in the FMSS Intermediate Modules

  1. Records in FMSS, A Refresher
  2. Component Life Cycle Concepts
  3. More on Asset Records
  4. Job Plans
  5. Introduction to the PM Module
  6. Other PM Module Features
  7. Identifying Work
  8. Using FMSS Resources
  9. Advanced Work Order Topics
  10. Risk Management Code
  11. Project Scoping Tool (PST)
  12. Analyzing Data Using AMRS
  13. Post Intermediate Course Exercises

What You’ll Find in the FMSS Advanced Modules

  1. Location Records – Creation and Disposal
  2. Advance Searches
  3. The Role of Condition Assessments in the Asset Management Process
  4. Capital Investment Strategy
  5. Project Basics in FMSS
  6. Relationship Between FMSS and Cost Estimating Software System (CESS)
  7. Project Execution and Closeout
  8. Asset Management Continuous Improvement (AMCI) and Tiers
  9. FUMP and User Management
  10. Reduce the Footprint
  11. Analyzing Data
  12. Post Advance Course Exercises


Interested in hosting a Basic class in your park or region? Contact the PFMD Asset Management Program Training Team. The training team continues to develop the Intermediate and Advanced classes. Please stay tuned!

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