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Competency-­based human resource systems represent the industry and government standard and outline the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required for employees to perform duties at a defined level of proficiency. Competency-­based training provides employees with outcome-­based, learner-­driven tools that help to improve their overall job performance as determined by competencies. The competencies are designed to provide clear performance measurements and stimulate professional growth by encouraging individuals to take charge of developing their own skills and abilities. By basing training and development courses on well-defined, established competencies, employees are provided with a clear vision of which specific skills and abilities they need to develop in order to successfully fulfill their roles and responsibilities. In addition, competencies increase accountability by providing a standard of measurement against which the learner and worker can be evaluated.

As the facility management workforce ages and approaches retirement, the National Park Service (NPS) wants to ensure that new facility managers are provided with the training and opportunities to develop the skills they need in order to be successful. Such skills include knowledge of and familiarity with both old and new technology, equipment, and management practices. The development of facility management job competencies was identified as a critical first step to define and then to maintain the skills the NPS expects from its facility managers.

What You’ll Find

The competencies outlined in the 2016-2021 Facility Management Competencies document for NPS facility management represent the full range of knowledge and performance levels that are necessary to a facility manager’s job. They describe a clear level of expectation for facility managers over the long-­term. While entry-­level facility managers may not expect to have achieved every competency by the end of their first year on the job, these competencies provide facility managers with the building blocks they can use to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities over the course of their careers. Ultimately, employees will work with their supervisors to identify key competency areas of importance and assess job performance together as part of an effort to establish overall employee competence. Competencies can help to empower employees to set their own developmental direction with their supervisors’ input.

The NPS facility management competencies also provide facility managers with both the foundation and the guidelines for a workforce development program that is versatile, broad-­based, and effective. Curriculum and courses from the Department of the Interior, the NPS, universities, trade schools, and a variety of other organizations will be matched with the facility manager competencies to facilitate ways for supervisors, employees, and the NPS itself to ensure the facility management workforce in the NPS is meeting the needs of the agency.

Facilities Management Competencies table that shows the parent and child competencies.
Facilities Management Competencies Table

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