Facilitating Reflection – A Manual for Leaders and Educators

This manual was written during the summer of 1995. The primary author, Julie Reed, was interning at the Georgetown University Volunteer and Public Service Center at the time.

“Reflection” is a vital component of service-learning. This manual was designed for educators and leaders of service groups who have an interest and a commitment to provide reflection opportunities for students and community partners alike. College professors, K-12 teachers, community organization leaders, and leaders of service organizations have all found, “Facilitating Reflection: A Manual for Leaders and Educators,” a useful supplement to their work.

Understanding facilitation begins with an awareness of the difference between facilitating and leading. It has been said that leadership is something you do to a group, while facilitation is something you do with a group.

Although many leaders can (and should) be effective facilitators, the facilitator differs from a leader in that the former is cognizant about the use of power, authority, or control and places limitations on uses of it. A facilitator should be “a neutral mediator whose job is to provide information and accommodate the exchange of dialogue among … participants”

View the whole guide at: http://www.uvm.edu/~dewey/reflection_manual/

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