Facilitated Dialogue Toolkit


This page provides access to a “starter kit” of resources to help you develop and hone your skills in facilitated dialogue. These resources are provided for self-study — in your own time and at your own pace. They can also be used for staff development.

There are several ways to engage with this material — either in-depth with the self-study guide, or exploring resources as you need them. The content is presented in a way that can be updated and revised, as our collective understanding of these skills evolves and new resources and examples are developed.

The Study Guide provides activities, questions and links to additional resources and guides you through the content in a thought-provoking way, with opportunities for personal application to your site and your work.

What you’ll find

Facilitated Dialogue — A Venue for Interpretive Conversations:

Additional Resources

Facilitated Dialogue

The Nature of Truth

Interpreting Controversy

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  1. This is great to have all the FD resources available. It would be great to include examples of FD arcs or videos of programs from different parks, museums, etc.


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