This example was developed by Carol Blaney, dialogue consultant and interpretive trainer. Carol has presented this dialogue program as a training example at several Facilitated Dialogue classes.

What you’ll find

This dialogue outline shows how the program might be delivered in part or whole, depending on the setting, the desired outcomes and the audience needs/interests. Carol’s essential theme question for this dialogue is “What does it mean to live with other species, or to have them go extinct?”

Facilitated Dialogue Example – Endangered Species – Carol Blaney

This example is a:
–Facilitated Dialogue Example
–Critical Issue Example for Threatened or Endangered Species

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  1. I have coached interpretive staff who present traditional Condor Talks at the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park for over six years. I find Carol Blaney’s example of Facilitated Dialogue on this topic to be well-organized, thought provoking, and capturing the essence of what is important about interpreting this iconic species through this audience-centered technique. Having completed the Facilitated Dialogue training myself, I believe Carol’s outline demonstrates a well-balanced mix of subject matter expertise and understanding of how the technique is intended to work. I would highly recommend this example to interpreters. -Pete Peterson, Grand Canyon


  2. This is a great example of a full arc and provides practical tips on how to shorten/adapt the program based on needs. I appreciate the use of alternate techniques that encourage sharing in small groups, through writing, and without talking to be inclusive of multiple learning styles and levels of comfort in terms of sharing. The questions are relevant to the topic and would encourage discussion as well as be easily understood by a variety of visitors. The alternate phase 3 questions and statement are a little vague and might be difficult for many visitors to grasp, but other than that, the arc builds on itself. It is helpful to continue to include universal concepts in the shared experience as it should connect to the questions being discussed. This program outline demonstrates a clear, organized and do-able facilitated dialogue program. I would love to see some responses of visitors who participated in this program!


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