The following resources from Allies for Inclusion can help you with your own “brown bag” facilitated dialogue sessions. Use the sample topics and blank format to start conversations about race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, abilities, gender and racial privilege, veterans’ issues and other often sensitive topics.

Since 2012, Allies for Inclusion has facilitated over 40 “brown bag” dialogues with over 500 participants, helping to create a more inclusive, more diverse and more welcoming National Park Service.

What is “Facilitated Dialogue”?

Facilitated dialogue is a structured conversation between people that allows them to see their similarities and connections, rather than differences. These conversations create a safe environment where participants can see from another person’s perspective and “walk in their shoes.”

What You’ll Find

Facilitated Dialogue Resources:

Sample topics used in “brown bag” lunch discussions

(developed by Allies for Inclusion)

Additional Information

Facilitated Dialogue Toolkit


  • Can you think of any other brown bag facilitated dialogue topics that would help lead the way to a stronger, more inclusive NPS?

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