Exploring History: Video


This six-minute video, “Exploring History,” illustrates how history is central to the mission of the National Park Service. History informs all aspects of cultural and natural resource stewardship, park management, and interpretation. The video explains the fundamentals of historical thinking. What kinds of research do historians undertake? What products do historians create? It also describes the kind of community of practice that we would like to build.

“Exploring History” connects the work of NPS historians to our peers in academia and other public history venues. We all emphasize a commitment to scholarship, teaching, and public service.

After viewing this short video, you can find complementary materials at the “Best Practices for History Lessons and History Discovery Events”¬†website. This series gathers ideas, resources, and exemplary history projects and programming that create a foundation for practicing engaged and relevant history.

Take a few minutes to explore these new resources, and then share with co-workers and NPS partners far and wide.

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