Executive Order 13327: Federal Real Property Asset Management

What it is

Executive Order 13327, Federal Real Property Asset Management, was signed in 2004 and asserts that United States policy is to promote the efficient and economical use of America’s real property assets, as well as to assure management accountability for implementing Federal real property management reforms. “Real property” is defined as “any real property owned, leased, or otherwise managed by the Federal Government, both within and outside the United States.”

This policy allows executive branch departments and agencies to increase management attention to real property resources, to establish clear goals and objectives, improve policies and levels of accountability, and to take other appropriate action.

Why it matters

Executive Order 13327: Federal Real Property Asset Management sets up a clear hierarchy of responsibilities relating to Federal real property management, ensuring consistent communication of objectives and improved accountability. This executive order helps ensure:

  1. Federal agency real property management actions follow all applicable legislative rules and authorities
  2. There are consistent goals, asset management plans, prioritization and policy implementations throughout all Federal agencies regarding real property management
  3. Federal real property resources are used in the best interests of the taxpayers and agencies

Additional Information

Director’s Order #80: Real Property Asset Management

Director’s Order #38: Real Property Leasing


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