Every New Employee Needs an On-boarding “Buddy”

Dawn Klinghoffer, Candice Young, and Dave Haspas

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New hires need immediate support and guidance in order to become productive and engaged members of your work unit. Microsoft piloted an on-boarding buddy program that benefited both the new hires and their assigned buddies. This article describes the value of on-boarding buddy programs and offers tips for creating a successful program.

What You’ll Learn

  • Three ways that on-boarding buddies help new hires
  • How the buddy benefits
  • What qualities make a good buddy match
  • Tips for creating a successful on-boarding buddy program

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Every New Employee Needs an Onboarding “Buddy”


Who might make a good on-boarding buddy for your next new hire?

What three things will you do to create or strengthen your on-boarding buddy program at your work unit?

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  1. Great article on how to help new employees feel welcomed, valued, and ready to contribute to your program/organization sooner in a substantial manner.


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