Mandatory Supervisory Critical Element #1 (EPAPs for Supervisors)

Screenshot of pages from Mandatory Supervisory Critical Element #1Did you know? Performance plans for supervisors/managers must include the Mandatory Supervisory/Managerial Critical Element #1, which addresses the level of performance expected for carrying out supervisory duties. This helps outline your role as a supervisor, holds you to a standard of supervision, and helps get you credit for the work you do leading your team.

Supervisory/managerial duties are effectively carried out in order to support the Department’s capacity to manage its programs in a results-oriented, customer-focused, and efficient manner. Performance of these duties will be carried out in accordance with statutory/regulatory requirements and Bureau/Office policies governing the following areas:

  • Effective People Management
    • Merit System Principles
    • Strengthening diversity and inclusion
    • Strategic planning of workforce requirements and effective use of recruitment, retention, and hiring tools
    • Strengthening employee engagement
    • Effective performance management
  • Protection of the Work Environment
    • Anti-harassment, anti-discrimination and EEO obligations (including reasonable accommodation)
    • Effective management of ethics, conduct, and discipline issues
    • Safety and occupational health obligations
    • Whistleblower and other protected disclosure responsibilities
  • Effective Resource/Program Management
    • IT security, data protection and records management obligations
    • Internal management policies and controls

The Department of the Interior has drafted language this critical element for your own or your employees’ Employee Performance Appraisal Plans (EPAPs). The critical element description itself for this element must not be modified. But you can tailor the definitions of the work – in the “Performance Standard” levels – to your specific position and the work involved. DOI has also drafted an example “Fully Successful” performance standard which can be modified or further specified to the supervisory employee’s position.

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