Environmental Purchasing Newsletter: Issue 7 – July 2017

Fred Sturniolo

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Sponsored by the NPS Sustainable Operations and Climate Change (SOCC) Branch, the Environmental Purchasing Newsletter is a publication that highlights outstanding environmental purchasing efforts taking place in parks. It provides guidance, best practices, case studies, and training opportunities to readers interested in implementing a green purchasing initiative in their own park.

In this Issue

The following articles are featured in this month’s issue:

  1. Environmental Purchasing Efforts at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park – Learn more about the ways Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP has expanded its green purchasing practices.
  2. How the National Park Service is Rethinking Lawn Care: The Turf Stewardship Program – The Midwest Turf Stewardship Program seeks to simultaneously improve turf management while reducing pests, risks to humans and the environment, and maintenance costs. This article shares the program’s story and its Best Management Strategies (BMPs).
  3. Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park Goes Biobased! – Read about the challenges and actions Klondike Gold Rush NHP is taking to achieve their green purchasing initiative goals.
  4. Eliminating Toxic Chemicals to Reduce Environmental Health and Safety Risks – Learn the process Grand Portage National Monument used to identify and eliminate all chemicals and products throughout the park which have unacceptable risks to the environment and the health and safety of visitors and park personnel.
  5. Common Learning Portal – The Common Learning Portal (CLP) is a website that provides NPS employees, volunteers, and partners with access to training opportunities, vetted educational resources, and space to collaborate and connect with peers and experts. Learn more about the environmental purchasing resources available on the CLP!


NPS SOCC always welcomes article ideas! Interested in sharing your green purchasing story and lessons learned? Contact Fred Sturniolo, NPS SOCC, at 202-513-7078.

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