Enrollment Procedures for New Supervisor Development Program


Before new supervisors can enroll in the three day residential Supervisory Skills Workshop, they must take eight online skills modules and follow the nomination and assignment process described in the enrollment procedures below.

I want to enroll. What is my first step?

If you are a new supervisor and want to enroll, contact your Regional EDO. Regional EDOs prioritize the names of supervisors who wish to apply to the program (see step 4 below). If you don’t know who your regional EDO is, review your region’s CLP page as shown.

Go to your region's CLP page to find out the name of your EDO
Use the CLP to find your region’s EDO

Enrollment Procedures

  1. The Learning and Development Office, Leadership Development Program will call for nominations from regions to fill slots for the Supervisory Skills Workshop (SSW), ideally at the training facility closest to your region. The number of slots assigned to the National Park Service will be divided between the regions and assigned to designated sessions, in coordination with Employee Development Officers.
  2. The NSDP Acting Training Manager (Laura Congdon) will provide the regional Employee Development Officers with an FPPS query of first-time supervisors on a quarterly basis.
  3. Using the FPPS query, Employee Development Officers will review and if there are employees listed who are not first-time supervisors or have already taken 1st 40 supervisory training, mark through those names.
  4. The EDOs will then prioritize the names of supervisors in order of preferred attendance.
  5. Employee Development Officers will contact participants, and the participants’ supervisor, of their nomination. They will advise the participant to complete the prerequisite distance learning courses prior to attending the 3-day residential program, the Supervisory Skills Workshop (SSW).
  6. EDOs will please send their prioritized list to Laura Congdon, Acting Training Manager, via email.
  7. Accepted nominee(s) will receive logistics information with an account number to charge all travel costs, and enroll in DOI Learn for the Supervisory Skills Workshop.

Online Modules

These eight courses can be taken in any order prior to attending the Supervisory Skills Workshop.


Please contact Laura Congdon, the New Supervisor Development Program acting training manager, via email with any questions.

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