Enrollment Procedures for the New Division Chief Leadership Development Program (NDCLDP)

The target audience for the NDCLDP is new, first-time, Division Chiefs within two years of assignment. Employees meeting these eligibility requirements may apply for the NDCLDP during an open application period. Open periods are announced on the Common Learning Portal (CLP), InsideNPS and via e-mail from the regional Employee Development Officers (EDOs).

  1. The WASO Learning and Development, Leadership Development Group, will call for applications via InsideNPS and the regional EDOs
  2. The call for applications will contain a link to a Google Form for employees to complete to self-nominate for the NDCLDP
  3. The NDCLDP Training Manager (Katherine Callaway) will provide the applications to the respective regional EDOs for prioritization
  4. EDOs will send their prioritized list to Katherine Callaway for enrollment
  5. All applicants will be notified of their status (selection or non-selection)

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