Engaging with NPSNext

Engage with NPSNext

Icon of three figures with an idea lightbulbStep 2: Engage – Tap the wisdom of all staff to chart a path for the future.

NPSNext invites conversation and collaboration. To effectively solve problems and leverage opportunities, you need all staff to contribute. Depending on the size of your park/unit you may need to reach out beyond the planning workshop to gather ideas and actions.

How Do You Invite All Voices?

Step 2.1 During the planning kick-off call, you or your facilitator will share the compiled results from the SWOC survey (Step 1.3). These results include all employees’ input and influence the entire planning process.

Step 2.2 As you host the planning workshop, your facilitator will use the NPSNext Workshop Facilitator’s Guide to structure exercises that identify your park/unit’s pivotal issues and key opportunities. Your guidebook for the process is the NPSNext Workshop Participant’s Guide. It includes resources and exercises to help you and fellow participants generate meaningful input. In addition to any priorities you identify at your park/unit level, you will be asked to prioritize two top Emphasis Areas that emerge as lynchpins to our collective work: Revitalizing Asset Management and the Thriving Workforce to execute that investment.

Step 2.3 The final session of the planning workshop, you will generate ideas to gather input from staff who could not attend. NPSNext process centers around the strategic planning workshop but it doesn’t end there. Once the planning team has identified the Emphasis Areas and Outcomes that describe your desired future, all park/unit staff should help identify the key actions for the next few years that help get you there.

Once you’ve completed Steps 2.1 through 2.3, move to Step 3: Commit to Action.

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