Employee Wellness

The National Park Service encourages all employees to take charge of their own wellness. Each and every employee is important. The health and well-being of employees has a direct correlation to the health and well-being of a Park or work unit.

Personal Wellness

You can start your journey towards improved wellness by building resilience. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and the skills can be learned by anyone.

Tips for building resilience:

  • Compartmentalize your cognitive load.
  • Take detachment breaks.
  • Develop mental agility. Respond to stress instead of reacting to stress.
  • Cultivate compassion.

Resilient employees:

  • Commit to goals
  • Focus on what they can control
  • Don’t blame themselves
  • Have empathy
  • Think positively
  • See challenges

Supervisors can be role models for wellness in the workplace by modeling resilience, demonstrating a healthy work/life balance, and promoting teamwork.

Creating an Employee Wellness Program 

5 U.S.C § 7901 Health Services authorizes your park or work site to establish employee health programs using federally appropriated funds to promote and maintain physical fitness and mental health of employees.  Wellness programs are voluntary, but cover all NPS employees, including permanent, temporary, full time, part time, seasonal, term, volunteers, and interns. It does not apply to contractors or partners.


The National Park Service Safety, Health, and Wellness Strategy was developed to create a sustainable culture of safety, health, and wellness. The strategy also aims to protect and empower employees into our second century.

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