Employee resource groups (ERGs) are employee-led groups with members who are drawn together by a common interest and work towards advancing relevancy, diversity, and inclusion throughout the organization. ERGs have charters with specific goals and objectives the group aims to reach. Active group links below take you to ERG forums in the common learning portal or to contacts for the groups.

Quick Start Resources

Active Groups

Allies for Inclusion

Allies for Inclusion is an employee-driven resource group that harnesses the power of dialogue and education to drive cultural change within the NPS so that we all embrace and respect the full diversity of our nation


Council for Indigenous Relevancy, Communication, Leadership and Excellence (CIRCLE) is resource for employees of the National Park Service to use to enhance their understanding of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian (AI/AN/NH) issues. CIRCLE provides recommendations and guidance to NPS leadership regarding the hiring, retention, and improved visibility of AI/AN/NHs throughout the NPS.

Contact Alisha Deegan or the Office of RDI for more information.

Employee Empowerment Collective

Employee Empowerment Collective serves the agency and its employees by addressing the unique needs of African American personnel and visitors.

For information, email the group.

Employees for the Advancement of People with Disabilities

Employees for the Advancement of People with Disabilities serves as a catalyst for cultural change within the NPS for present and potential employees with disabilities, their families, their supervisors and co-workers, allies, and NPS managers.

For information, email the group.


Hispanic Organization on Relevancy, Advising, Leadership and Excellence (HORALE) provides recommendations and guidance regarding the development of action plans and initiatives designed to increase hiring and retention, and improve the visibility of NPS Hispanic/Latino employees.

For more information, contact Vanessa Torres.

Innovative Leadership Network

The Innovative Leadership Network is a service-wide Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to enhancing the culture of the National Park Service by fostering creativity, leadership development, communication, idea sharing, innovative action, and the empowerment of NPS employees at all levels.

LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group

The LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group works to enhance the visibility of LGBTQ history in the national park system and to assist the agency in improving the working environment for and hiring, retaining, and making more visible its LGBTQ employees.


The Student Engagement Network (SEN) is a student-focused network that aims to foster idea sharing, innovation, and professional development for current and future students employed by the National Park Service. SEN is a part of the Innovative Leadership Network (ILN).

Contact Kristine Brunsman, SEN Chairperson, for more information.


The Women’s Employee Resource Group (W-ERG) enhances the visibility of women’s issues and achievements in the NPS, creating a gender-equitable work environment.

The W-ERG is a resource specifically for NPS staff interested in workplace gender equity and in increasing opportunities for women–across disciplines, geographies, backgrounds and experiences. The group provides community, personal and career resources, and information around gender issues, and advises NPS senior leadership on these issues and on behalf of its membership.

For more information, contact the group.

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