NPS Essentials: Employee Health & Wellness

What It Is

Based on an Employee Viewpoint Surveys, the categories of Work/Life Balance, Health & Wellness, and Organizational Safety within the NPS could use improvement. In order to address the problems in these areas, awareness and empowerment are the keys to turning the tide.

The Office of Risk Management has the oversight of occupational health programs, public risk management, operational leadership, and health and wellness. As of FY 2016, a holistic plan to tackle these concerns was launched. It became known as the NPS Safety, Health, and Wellness Strategy.  Please note – as this is a large file, it may take time to load.

There is a special branch of the Office of Public Health dedicated to the NPS with commissioned Public Health Service officers who are tasked with disease surveillance and protecting/promoting visitor health.

Why It Matters

Improving these key issues for NPS employees and visitors matters immensely. If employees are not able to balance their work and their home life, or for that matter, their physical well-being, productivity will suffer. Visitor well being is also tremendously important as this speaks directly to our mission.

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