Book: Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

From the Book’s Foreword

If you’re a cop, you’re going to love this book. It could change your life. It might even save your life, your career, your home life…[the author] is eminently qualified to write about emotional survival for law enforcement because he has lived it, studied it, researched it, and taught it. He is one of America’s very few “cop docs.”

What you’ll learn

  • How officers and their families can maintain or improve their quality of life both personally and professionally
  • How to cope with the unique demands of the law enforcement lifestyle
  • Guidance for upper management on how to increase survivors and decrease victims


In his book Kevin M. Gilmartin suggests that law enforcement work can “insidiously dismantle the personal lives, health, happiness, and careers of officers who weren’t prepared to cope with the unique demands of the law enforcement lifestyle.”

  • Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
  • What insights did you gain to help you cope with these demands?
  • How will you share those insights with your colleagues and staff?
  • Consider reading some of the author’s supplemental articles about related topics such as community policing and psychological resiliency. How might a better understanding of these topics improve your job performance?

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