Eliminate Bias


Learning about cognitive and behavioral bias is worth reading about to improve our understanding about how much our physical, mental, and social structures influence our decisions. Therefore, when you understand bias you can improve your decision making and work towards improved Decisiveness.

Types of Bias

  • Bias Blind – a tendency to view oneself as less bias than others. Solution = You are not!  Check out 5 common judgement biases and read the list!
  • Confirmation Bias – information is sought and processed that confirms a predetermined outcome or value while information that contradicts this bias is consequently ignored. Solution = Employing strategies and methods can help control confirmation bias e.g. Scientific Method and Double Blind experiments.
  • Binary Thinking – a tendency in language and thought that results in strictly defining two opposites set against one another. Solution = Be aware that reductionist strategies to “boil things down” or “break into small parts” has a cost and ask if there are other outcomes or impacts possible.
  • Unnecessary constraints – placing boundaries or design parameters that limit the ability to problem solve and affect decision quality. Solution = Encouraging brainstorming and lateral thinking can help break unnecessary constraints.
  • Irrelevant information – The classic SAT word problem with extraneous information clouding the issue and delaying the decision. Solution = Applying problem solving strategies like the 6 Thinking Hats by De Bono Thinking Systems or methodologies like Design Thinking

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