Ed Muzio: Meeting Types: Information vs. Solution


Many times, a group forms for “a meeting” without thinking about the broader purpose of what the gathering is about. The difference between a meeting to disseminate information and a meeting to take action is substantial.   A meeting type dictates who gets invited and what type of agenda is prepared for the gathering.  Furthermore, meeting types will also impact the types of behaviors that will be present during the gatherings.  Behaviors that should be encouraged and behaviors that probably should be avoided.  Ed Muzio talks about how to tell the difference between an information-oriented meeting and a solution-oriented meeting.  Finally, Ed describes what to do about that difference when you finally recognize it in the meeting.

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Referenced in Chapter 8 of Make Work Great by Edward Muzio.

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  1. This was helpful to think about what type meeting will be more effective considering the goals of the meeting and group size. I found the examples of what to look for and what to plan for to be helpful.


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