Ed Muzio: Group Decision Making That Works


Ed Muzio defines the process for agreement in a group setting.  When you need a group of people to make a decision, there are only a few processes you can follow. Some are better than others, but the most important thing is to decide which process to use before the first decision needs to be made. In this video, Ed Muzio details the possible approaches to decision making, from dictatorial to consensus, and explains how to do what research suggests is one of the most effective processes: group consultative with disagree and commit.  Learn how to facilitate better group decisions to get better results.

Referenced in Chapter 8 of Make Work Great by Edward Muzio.

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  1. With some big decisions that need to be made at my park with our upcoming renovation of our visitor center, we have a lot of temporary and long term decisions that our team is working on and will need to decide. This was a great video to think about how we can be most effective with our group decisions. I especially liked the idea of “Disagree and commit: explain rationale, align resources, and seek contrary evidence w/o sabotaging.” At the end a decisions needs to be made and this is a great strategy to use to follow through with our decisions.


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