The NPS Public Health program maintains a Drinking Water website of with guidance and resources related to this critical function. According to RM 83, NPS Unit Managers will reduce the risk of waterborne diseases and provide safe drinking water to employees, the visiting public, and park partners by assuring that drinking water systems are properly operated, maintained, monitored, and deficiencies promptly corrected. Systems will be regulated in accordance with 1) the Safe Drinking Water Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 7401 et seq.), or 2) the Primacy Agency (e.g. the agency designated by Federal law as having oversight responsibility). Additional guidance for non-public or other unregulated drinking water systems is provided in RM-83A1.

Different employees play different roles in ensuring this critical function for our visitors and employees. While primarily targeted toward operators and managers, the website also includes useful suggestions for training opportunities related to other employees. For example, a backcountry sanitation guide for employees handling food preparation in a backcountry setting.

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