Have you been wondering what the difference between the Common Learning Portal and DOI Talent is? Look no further! Here’s a quick “cheat sheet” of how they’re different – and how they work together to improve your learning experience.

What is DOI Talent?

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DOI Talent is the official learning and performance system of record for the Department of the Interior (DOI). As the Department’s official talent management system, it provides access to a variety of learning activities as well as a platform for conducting and maintaining employee performance appraisals. All mandatory training is assigned and reported on through DOI Talent. The system can be used to:

  • Find a course/class
  • Register for a course/class
  • Print transcripts and certificates once you’ve completed a course/class
  • See a list of courses and classes you’ve completed
  • Access your paperless performance plan
  • Upload completion certificates from external sources

It provides DOI employees with a repository of all types of training courses whether online, in a classroom, or supplied by an external vendor and maintains the official record of learning for all training taken by DOI Employees.



Contact Information 

Do you have additional questions? Are you having trouble logging in? Contact the Customer Support Center for instructions via phone 1-888-367-1622 (menu option 3, then 6 – Monday – Friday, 6am – 5:30pm, MT) or use the following email addresses to contact the DOI Talent Helpdesk for support based on the DOI Talent module you require assistance with.

As always, please be as detailed as possible with your requests to ensure proper ticket assignment and expedient issue resolution.

What is the Common Learning Portal?

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The Common Learning Portal (CLP) is the gateway to the NPS Learning & Performance Ecosystem. We know  training events are one way we learn, but we seek out information and knowledge elsewhere, too. We also learn by searching for and referencing relevant materials, watching videos, or simply talking with other professionals in our field.

The Common Learning Portal supports the various ways people learn on four, distinct parts of the website:

  • Training Events:  Here you can search and filter information contained within learning events to find a training that will work for your needs and schedule.
  • Knowledge Park: A searchable digital library of vetted resources that allow you to find the information you need, when you need it. These include articles, how-tos, guidelines, videos, etc.
  • Learning Activities: Interactive, self-paced trainings that allow you to learn new information when you have the time.
  • The Commons: Collaborative online groups organized around NPS related topics.  They allow you to receive feedback on work products, give you access to experts in their field, and discuss issues important to your position. 

CLP-related Training 


  • Request a CLP Tour – Fill out this form to have a member of the CLP team give a presentation on the CLP to your staff/program/park.
  •  Submit a CLP Resource – Do you know of a checklist, instructional video, template, or other tool that can help others in the Service improve their job performance? Tell us about it using this form so we can add it to the Knowledge Park!
  • CLP Help – Visit the Commons group for answers to frequently asked questions, or ask you’re own! Additionally, our help videos will walk you step-by-step through common CLP tasks.

Contact Information 

Do you have additional questions? Email the CLP team at clp@nps.gov.

How do DOI Talent and the CLP work together?

The Common Learning Portal and DOI Talent both list classes (i.e. training events). Why are they in both places? Let’s explore that in a story.

Say you’re a supervisory interpretive ranger at Arches National Park and you’re doing some research about employee performance. With one quick search on the Common Learning Portal, you can find:

In short, DOI Talent and the CLP are complimentary, not competitive.


You can use the Common Learning Portal as “the gateway to the NPS Learning & Performance Ecosystem.” The CLP can help you find varied educational resources including informal and social learning opportunities. However, the CLP will often link you out to other websites (such as DOI Talent) to actually complete the educational activity. Walk through the gateway to improved learning and performance.

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