Director’s Order #70: Internet and Intranet Publishing

What It Is

The purpose of Director’s Order #70 is to define responsibilities and establish the standards for electronic information published by the National Park Service (NPS) on the Internet and Intranet. It applies to the NPS’s use of Internet technologies to publish information externally and internally (Internet and Intranet), at all levels of the organization.

The Internet allows the NPS to publish informative and educational information for the public about our mission and organization. The design and content of web publications has the potential to deliver and communicate essential information about the identity of NPS to a worldwide audience. Internet technology has also created new opportunities for the NPS to develop information management and delivery applications that are truly “Servicewide.” It also provides personnel with direct access to essential business materials, to management applications, and to an enhanced communications network.

Why It Matters

In order to provide the most accurate, comprehensive, and current information as possible, there is a need to define responsibilities and to establish principles and standards that will govern NPS use of electronic information technologies.

By complying with the standards set forth in this Director’s Order, the NPS will avoid:

  1. Unnecessary duplication of information (and the needless associated costs)
  2. Significant compromises in information discovery and retrieval (which affect job performance and public perception)
  3. Inefficient use of information technology (IT) funding and development/support staff

Additional Information

This Director’s Order applies to publications such as:

  • websites
  • web pages
  • home pages
  • searchable databases
  • web applications (refer to the definition in section 5.1)

In addition, it applies to all NPS employees, contractors, volunteers, and partner organizations producing such publications.


  • Do you have any additional questions about online use and publishing standards? Check out the IT Professional CLP page for Knowledge Park items and training!

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