Director’s Order #7: Volunteers in Parks

What it is

The purpose of Director’s Order #7 is to provide direction to NPS personnel who are responsible for, and/or involved in, implementing the VIP program locally, regionally and nationally in units and with partners.

The latest revision of Director’s Order #7 includes Section 15.2 which reads, “Anyone supervising VIPs is eligible for supervisory training. Such training is mandatory for those supervising VIPs (any number) whose combined hours of service equal or exceed 6,261 hours per year (i.e., those of full time employees).

Why It Matters

In fiscal year 2015 the NPS employed over 400,000 volunteers, making volunteers anĀ essential part of achieving the NPS Mission. Proper implementation of volunteer programs across the service are necessary to the success of the NPS as a whole.

By following the standards in this Director’s Order, NPS employees will:

  1. Help ensure the success of various programs across the NPS dependent on volunteer resources
  2. Provide uniform standards and procedures for volunteers across the NPS, resulting in lowered program costs, better integration of information across the NPS and better use of volunteers and volunteer hours


You can find more VIP program and volunteer training resources on the CLP!

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