Director’s Order #50B – Occupational Safety and Health Program

What It Is

The Director’s Order #50B: Occupational Safety and Health Program provides NPS employees with a plan to manage risk on the job, no matter what position they hold. This order was created to ensure that an easily understood system had been put in place, with plenty of room for continuous improvement as needed. The objectives of this order are as follows:

  • provides for the safety and health of NPS employees on the job
  • establishes effective site specific occupational safety and health programs at all NPS units
  • requires other employers operating in NPS units to provide for the occupational safety and health of their employees
  • identifies strategies to minimize the loss of NPS human, physical, and fiscal resources due to preventable accidents
  • coordinates risk management and workers’ compensation program management to achieve these objectives

Why It Matters

The fact that Occupational Safety and Health Programs guidelines exist ensures that any risks faced by NPS employees have been managed, and that efforts have been made to keep them out of harm’s way. This fact positively impacts the visitor experience, as well. If the employees are safe and knowledgeable about what to do if a dangerous event arises, the visitor experience will be aided by extension. Simply knowing that a plan has been put in place, and that it has been reviewed regularly, allows visitors to have confidence in a swift and appropriate response if and when a situation presents itself.


  • Read through the safety responsibilities of your particular employee type – do you have the resources to effectively perform these functions? If not, what additional resources or training do you need?

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