Director’s Order #22: Recreation Fees

What It Is

Director’s Order #22: Recreation Fees sets forth and assigns responsibilities for administering Fee Collection Programs. ┬áThe document covers:

  • The principles and objectives guiding the NPS Fee Program,
  • Roles and responsibilities,
  • The legal basis for fee collection within national parks,
  • Types of fees and passes,
  • Fee exemptions,
  • Legal guidance on expending fee revenue,
  • The process for establishing and changing fee structures,
  • Fee collections personnel, including reservation systems and third party sales
  • Accountability, record keeping and fraud

Why It Matters

The National Park Service’s Recreation Fee Program supports the NPS mission in a variety of ways. Fee Program employees not only collect fees, but they also perform activities related to resource stewardship, visitor facility improvements, education and visitor use management. Fees are used to fund projects that address deferred maintenance needs, provide new visitor programs and services, protect resources, and improve and rehabilitate facilities for visitors.


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