When Sorrow Reigns: Interpreting the Tough Stuff at a Distance – #diginterp indepth


This video focuses on the tough stuff in digital interpretation.


This video addresses questions such as:

  • How do you discuss sorrow on Facebook without trivializing it?
  • Will someone share something that isn’t peppy and upbeat, but serious and provocative?
  • Slavery, Civil Rights, the Atomic Bomb and Japanese Internment: can they find a home on social media too?

The Diginterp Indepth series is a live video hangout featuring interpretive ruminations of John Rudy and John Tobiason. Focusing on how interpretation translates to the digital realm, the Indepth series can help make more effective messaging in media.

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  1. I’m honestly very grateful for this video and the information it provides. I’ve found myself struggling before to craft social media posts for my previous park(s) that attempt to “deal with the tough stuff” but are still inspirational and engaging. I think every interpreter who does social media should watch this video so that way when (not IF but WHEN) that “tough stuff” happens, we’re able to address it in the best way possible via our parks’ social media accounts.

    Since some folks might shy away from the length of the video, maybe an infographic or cheat sheet with the main points could be developed so it’s a manageable bite? Just a thought.

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