Developing Yourself and Others: Building High-Performance Organizations in the NPS


This resource guide gives National Park Service managers a resource to help find solutions to a wide range of common organizational problems. It addresses managing, supervising, engaging and developing employees, as well as managing teams and organizations.

The guide addresses specific areas of employee and organizational management through individual sections. You can use the guide in its entirety or just refer to the individual sections as needed. You’ll also find concrete examples of effective ideas and behaviors specific to managing employees, teams and organizations in the NPS.

Each section ends with a checklist to summarize key points; at the end of the guide the checklists are combined in a handy printable reference page section.

What You’ll Find

Guide Sections

  • Managing Resources
  • Supervising Employees
  • Engaging Employees
  • Developing Employees
  • Building and Managing Teams
  • Recognizing Performance and Giving Awards
  • Leading Organizations
  • Conclusions: Developing Yourself and Others
  • Printable Checklists

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