How to Develop Great Custom Training Videos That Actually Work


We know short video works to deliver highly effective, targeted learning content and resources to employees. We also know that with the right approach to delivery (mobile!), short video has the potential to live up to the long promised “anytime, anywhere” learning capability of online training.

The challenge many organizations are now confronting is how to develop customized content to deliver their unique subject matter expertise to employees and maybe even customers in an effective video format.

E-Book Chapters include:

  • Commit to Video
  • Supplement Existing Content
  • Make a Big Splash
  • Don’t Try to Build Everything
  • Develop In-House Video and Instructional Design Expertise
  • Get the Right Tools
  • Hosting and Delivery
  • Have Fun!

What you’ll learn

In this eBook, you’ll learn eight easy steps that you can take to get started with video! You’ll learn what topic areas to target first and the skills and tools you need to build great custom video.

How to Create Great Training Videos eBook (PDF)


  • What is your biggest challenge in creating video training content – lack of equipment, lack of expertise or something else? How could you overcome that obstacle?
  • According to the e-book, ideal training videos are short and focused on a single topic or task. What video training could you create your your subject area that follows these guidelines?

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