Design Thinking…What is That?


What is design thinking and why is it useful?

Most problem solving techniques involve a simple pattern: identify the problem, gather information, devise a solution and implement that solution. This method works for simple problems, but what about complex problems? What happens when the problem changes or new information comes up mid-way through the process? How can you come up with a successful solution when the problem is constantly evolving?

In this video, Dr. Melanie Cohen, IT Strategist with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, discusses design thinking, its uses, methodologies and how it can be used to achieve extraordinary results. Design thinking is the ability to look at the context of a problem, apply creativity in thinking of solutions and use reason to analyze the problem and fit the solutions to the context.

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  • What complex or “wicked” problems in your workplace could you solve with design thinking methods?

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