Demystifying Mentoring


Is our notion of mentoring outdated? Are there other ways to secure the benefits of a mentoring relationship beyond the typical career advice from the wise old sage? In this Harvard Business Review article, Amy Gallo debunks four common myths about mentoring and applies best practices to real-life case studies so that you can learn how to establish a practical and productive mentoring relationship.

What You’ll Learn

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • Identify four myths that may be preventing you from getting the advice you need.
  • Determine whether a mentoring relationship is a good fit for you right now.
  • Name six helpful principles to remember when seeking a mentoring relationship.
  • Relate to others who have sought and benefited from mentoring relationships.

Read the Article

Dig Deeper

After reading the article, and assuming that you are seeking a healthy mentor relationship, employ the following steps:

  1. Identify specific goals or areas of self-improvement that you would like to explore with a mentor.
  2. Apply the four myths to develop a plan for how to secure a mentor relationship.
  3. Review your approach in the context of the six principles and make any necessary adjustments.
  4. Once satisfied with your method, invite your potential mentor to establish a mentor-mentee relationship.

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