Define Your Personal Core Values: 5 Steps


Ever feel like you’re not making headway on your goals? Do you want to fast-track your success? Then take the time to identify your personal core values. Why? Because your core values influence your choices, decisions, and actions, and knowing them can help you more clearly move in the direction you want. Learn how to define your core values in this Inc.com article by entrepreneur and author, Kevin Daum.

What You’ll Learn

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • Know why defining your personal core values is important
  • Apply 5 steps to help you identify your personal core values
  • Gather feedback from others to know if you have “correctly” identified your core values

Dig Deeper

After reading the article, reflect on the following questions. Jot down your thoughts. Consider sharing this video with a colleague or a work group for an insightful discussion.

  1. Use the 5 step process to define your personal core values.
  2. Ask someone you trust to validate whether you have “correctly” defined your personal core values. Update your list of core values as needed based on their feedback.
  3. Now that you know your personal core values, how do they influence your decisions and actions? Illustrate this with one real-life example.
  4. Consider openly and regularly sharing your core values with friends, family, and colleagues so that they better understand where you are coming from on issues and in conversation. Ask them what their core values are.

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