National Park Service Acronym Decoder


Confused about what all the official acronyms you keep seeing mean? Don’t know the difference between a DI-1 and a DI-3100, ACHP and ACP or a SOP and a SOW? Let us help!

The NPS Acronym Decoder will assist you in navigating the sea of acronyms you face in your day-to-day activities, whether you are working in FBMS, FMSS or FPPS, filling out an IDP or working for IMRO or AKRO.

What You’ll Find

An alphabetical listing of the most commonly used acronyms, with a brief description or definition following each acronym.

Download the National Park Service Acronym Decoder

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  2. I’ve often included a version of acronym descriptions in seasonal training. I think we can often take them for granted when we use them constantly. This is the first time I’ve seen such a comprehensive list of NPS acronyms. This will definitely be beneficial for both new and old employees. Thanks!

    Next, we’ll need a document for all the texting acronyms, lol.


  3. This is an awesome guide on all those acronyms we use daily! I’m giving this to all of my new folks from here on out so they can have a basic understanding of what we’re talking about.


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