E-book: Deadly Force Encounters


A shooting’s aftermath is often the most dangerous time for police officers. Deadly Force Encounters by Loren W. Christensen was written for officers who have used deadly force and for officers who may some day have to; for police administrators, chaplains, and mental health professionals who need to know about the effects of trauma on officers; and for citizens interested in the issue of deadly force and what happens to officers who are forced to use it.

What you’ll learn

  • The Survival Triangle
  • The Four Rs of Deadly Force Training
  • Beyond the Headlines
  • Psychological Injuries
  • Traumatic Incident Debriefings
  • Family and Trauma
  • Investigating Officer Involved Shootings


As you read the book, consider the following reflection questions:

  • What does the statement “a shooting’s aftermath is often the most dangerous time for the cop” mean to you?
  • Does this book offer realistic strategies to cope with the aftermath of a shooting?
  • Are there any strategies or stories that this book missed?

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