Criteria for New National Parks

How Are National Parks Created?

The National Park Service is responsible for carefully screening proposals for new park units. There are natural, cultural, and recreational areas throughout the country that deserve protection. In order to become a part of the National Park System, they must meet criteria established by Congress and in the National Park Service’s Management Policies.

Criteria for New National Parks is a brochure that explains how proposals are evaluated, outlines the study process, and lists some of the other ways to recognize and protect important resources outside of the National Park System.



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  2. Hi Cathy – The brochure was created and produced by the WASO Park Planning and Special Studies Division. Despite the few errors, the NPS Fundamentals program still recommends it as a resources for it’s content and the clear and concise way that is communicated here. They planning office currently creating an updated version but it won’t be available for a few months.

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