The New Media Tsunami and Crisis Management


How does social media affect crisis management and what makes an organization crisis prone vs. crisis prepared?

During a crisis, a lot happens in the communication environment, often simultaneously. While the organization is trying to communicate with its employees or the public, its audience is using social media to communicate with the organization and each other. All of this can lead to a struggle by the organization to get valid and timely information to its audience if the organization.

In this video, Dr. Melanie Cohen, IT Strategist with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, interviews Dr. Claudine SchWeber, Chair of the Doctor of Program Management of University of Maryland University College (UMUC), and Dr. W. Christopher Cason, Adjunct Assistant Professor at UMUC. They discuss the role and use of new media in times of crisis and how effective use of social media can be the key to a successful outcome of a crisis situation.

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  • How does your work group or organization communicate necessary information during a crisis? How easy is it for the intended audience (employees, the public, etc.) to find and access that information?

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