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Lesson Plan Asset Components

When managing lesson plan assets, there are required fields in order to submit your lesson plan. This section takes a dive into Learning Objectives to help you create an effective lesson plan in the NPS Educators Portal.

What are Learning Objectives?

Objectives inform students of the purpose of the lesson as well as what they can expect to learn by the end of the lesson or activity. Well written objectives have four essential elements:

  1. Objectives are student-oriented and place an emphasis on what students are expected to do versus what teachers will do.
  2. Objectives describe learning outcomes and avoid process phrases (i.e. students will practice facilitated dialogue) but rather include outcome language.
  3. Objectives are clear and understandable and has a clearly stated verb (i.e. create, construct, evaluate).
  4. Objectives are observable. Can you see the outcome?

Learn more about the four essential elements using this resource developed by Oswego State University of New York.

Questions to Consider:

  • Have I included the four essential elements?
  • Are my objectives clear and relevant?
  • What am I trying to have the students take away from this lesson?

Example Objectives from the NPS Educators Portal

From Death Valley National Park’s Landscape Stories Post Trip Activity:

Students will be able to analyze a landscape and make conclusions about how it may have formed.

From Grand Teton National Park’s Mountain Weather lesson:

Students will be able to use clouds as evidence in a weather prediction statement.

From Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site’s Hidatsa Tribe Use of Prairie Plants lesson:

Students will be able to name and describe how at least two native prairie plants could replace a common medicine or food item.


Using the examples above, practice writing a complete objective using a clearly stated verb. Add your objective to our brainstorm list on the Common Learning Portal.

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Learn more about the other components of the NPS Educators Portal.

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