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Lesson Plan Asset Components

When managing lesson plan assets, there are required fields in order to submit your lesson plan. This section takes a dive into Assessments with a goal of helping you to create an effective lesson plan in the NPS Educators Portal.


Designing education opportunities to measure and ensure student learning is occurring is essential, and it does not necessarily have to be a test or quiz. There are many ways in which you can create these opportunities; they could take the form of a debate, a mock trial, facilitated dialogue, a lab, or even a presentation. While the assessment is a separate section in the lesson plan asset, the assessment can take place as part of the activity. The examples listed below illustrate different ways to integrate assessments into an activity.

Consider keeping a print-out of Bloom’s Taxonomy (a classification model of educational learning objectives) on hand when developing and evaluating a lesson. A verb like “classify” could be used in a scientific lesson in order to determine what animal kingdom an organism would fall under (i.e. invertebrates are a species which has no spine). Additionally, a verb like “devise” for an assessment could be used to ask students to create a new plan to desegregate schools in the school district.

Examples from the NPS Educators Portal


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  1. As an educator, I am glad to see support for assessment processes that we might use to measure learning. Assessment tools can help us to ensure that our lessons are effective. These tools can also make our lessons more useful for partner educators who need to demonstrate to themselves and others that the lesson has met an expected standard.
    Thank you for the relevant resource links.
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