Creating a CLP Learning Activity


The purpose of Creating Learning Activities for SCCs and SCAs is to provide instructions for Site Content Creators (SCC) and Site Content Approvers (SCA) who are creating or editing CLP Learning Activities on the Common Learning Portal (CLP) website. This document will provide:

  • Instructions clarifying how to create and edit Learning Activities.
  • Standardization of Learning Activity creation processes to ensure the CLP content is consistent, high value, and appropriate.

Want to see a sample Learning Activity? Check out CLP 101!

What you’ll learn


After reviewing the technical user documentation about how to create a CLP Learning Activity, consider the following:

  • How might you use CLP Learning Activities to present educational resources which are more interactive?
  • Creating CLP Learning Activities will take more time and effort than creating a standard Knowledge Park resource. When is the additional effort worthwhile? How will you prioritize what content to put into the Learning Activity format?
  • How are CLP Learning Activities different than online courses?


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