How to Create a Culture of Educational Innovation

Innovative education is a key goal that teachers and national park educators should both strive to create. And the same basic strategies can be utilized in both instances. The need to create what Jin-Sooh Huh calls a “culture of innovation” is important for teachers, NPS educators, and interpreters.

“Teachers have awesome ideas but it can be challenging for school systems to surface them and turn them into reality.”

Huh offers the example of the Big Hunt for ideas at Minnetonka Public Schools. The Minnetonka schools have been on an innovation journey to change how they approach education challenges.

“The Big Hunt for Ideas gives our staff a place to share their ideas with colleagues in an environment where the ideas can “socialize” through online discussion boards and engage other like-minded staff in a thoughtful conversation.”

Reflection and Questions

  • How could your park benefit from developing this sort of mentality and approach to create new, innovative educational programs?
  • What are some other ways that your park could benefit in general from the sort of system established through the Big Hunt for ideas?
  • Why do you think it was such a success and what do you think it means for innovation itself not just in schools but also in our national parks?

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