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Updated Facility Manager Leaders Program


The Facility Manager Leaders Program (FMLP) Course of Study (COS) for 2016 to 2021 represents class years 11 to 16.  The FMLP is the only program in the Department of Interior to win the prestigious W. Edwards Deming Award.  FMLP COS’s purpose is to develop facility managers to lead the NPS. Provide guidance in the careful stewardship and protection of NPS assets.

The FMLP Training Subcommittee of the Servicewide Maintenance Advisory Committee (SMAC) provided significant review and input of the 5-year curriculum based on evaluation of the FMLP during and after concluding the 9th year in April 2016. Our collaborators from Indiana University continue to provide the necessary support for the Park Facility Management Division (PFMD) to operate the FMLP with the required academic rigor as well as providing formal academic accreditation.

The FMLP COS is designed on “deep learning,” which encourages students to critically engage with new ideas and combine them with their existing skills and knowledge, leading to greater understanding and long-term retention of concepts. The deep learning approach aims to create facility managers who can understand data, analyze information, and apply appropriate concepts in order to make decisions and solve problems.

Inside the Course of Study

The FMLP Course of Study includes and introduction and eight sections.  Within the introduction you will find:

  • Facility Management as a NPS Career Field
  • The Roadmap to Creating a Course of Study
  • Design of the Curriculum
  • FMLP 2006-2010
  • FMLP 2010-2015
  • Building Organization Capacity
  • FMLP Course of Study 2016-2021

The eight sections are as follows:

  1. Mission, Philosophy, Goals, and Planning
  2. Administration
  3. Instructors and Mentors
  4. Students
  5. Instructional Resources
  6. Competency-Based Curriculum
  7. Course of Study
  8. Findings and Recommendations.

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